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Racquetball Offense

Like any other sports, racquetball has its own array of offensive and defensive moves that players use extensively. Like what the best athletes and sportsmen said, offense is still the best defense.

The following are some of the best offensive racquetball moves used by the better players. The best moves are those that fit your style and becomes your own.

Go offensive

In winning sports games, it pays to be the first to go offensive. In racquetball, going offensive means studying and mastering the types of shots that win tournaments. These are the dreaded kill shots and passing shots.

Passing shots are those that can bring your opponent to the back court where he might make a weak shot or he just cannot return it. If your opponent plays the center court area more than you can, you need to do more passing shots and kill shots.

Passing shots

For an offensive move, the best passing shot is done down the line. Here the ball travels down the side of the court from the front wall to the back corner. Aim 4 feet to 8 feet out from the side wall, and not any higher.

If it is high enough, the ball rebounds off the back wall where your opponent can return it. Do not hit the ball too close to the side wall, either. It pops out and can give your opponent a great set up.

Cross court pass shot

Another good offensive shot is the cross court pass shot. Hit the front wall about 1 to 2 feet above the floor and about 4 feet from either side wall.

The ball returns exactly to the other side of the back corner. If the shot was accurate enough, the ball bounces at least twice before arriving at the back corner.

What is difficult (for all players) is to be unable to hit the ball close enough to the center of the front wall. If done badly, however, this shot will give your opponent the chance to return it big time.

You need to practice this shot at all points in the court until it becomes second nature to you.

Pinch shots

This is one of the most popular shots in racquetball but also the most difficult to execute. The plan is to hit the ball low enough from the side wall to the front wall in a way that it bounces twice before reaching the service line.

The shot is harder to do if you are too far out back. It is also more likely that the ball will skip into the floor. If you do your pinch shot too high, the ball will bounce once from the front wall and sets up your opponent for his own kill shot.

On the reverse, hit the ball at the other side wall about 2 feet (or less) and within 1 to 2 feet from the front wall. The ball will bounce twice because it hits the front wall low.
Make the reverse pinch shot very low to the floor so the ball will bounce twice.


The key to these offensive racquetball moves is practice. A practice partner might set you up on these shots until they feel like reflex actions. These takes some time but, as they say, practice makes perfect.


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Racquetball Offense racquetball racquet resources image
Racquetball Offense racquetball racquet image

Racquetball Offense racquetball racquet resources image
Racquetball Offense racquetball racquet image

Racquetball Offense image