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Racquetball And Some Swinging Tips

The correct swing in racquetball can make or break your game, whether you are an amateur, a longtime player or even a pro. Some of the good players know how to do the right swing after years and years of play, although they could not explain how it works.

For a novice, learning to be better needs an understanding of the swing’s mechanics, the reasons why and sometimes the trade secrets of the good players – all the while learning them physically as well.

The whip

Correct swing techniques are best studied under a competent instructor. In the absence of one, know at least the how and why of things.

The analogy starts with a whip standing in for your body. The whip’s tip is your wrist, the cord your arms, the handle your shoulders and the wrist flicking the wooden handle representing your hips.

The wrists

The wrist snap is the last component of your swing. It should therefore be loose to be able to snap back and forward. When swinging at a ball, keep it cocked just until the right moment the ball nears the racquet, and snap it.

The forearm

While the wrist is cocked, bend your forearm back until it forms the letter “L” with the upper arm. Then, swing it in a top-down motion and into a side arm movement like you are skipping a stone over water.

Upper arm and shoulders

Make your shoulders square, the blades pressed in, pointing your elbows at an imaginary ball in front. Then do your swing in slow motion, pulling your arm out and around with your shoulder.

Pull it with your shoulder and pull your forearm with your upper arm. The elbow should be moving ahead of the forearm and wrist.

Another tactic is to lead with your elbow and snapping the wrist at the right time. Simply aim the bottom of the racquet handle towards the front wall during the swing. When your arm runs out of length, the wrist will snap automatically.

The legs

The start of the swing is in your legs. The energy there is carried all the way to your wrist. Learn to create a pulling motion to power your kinetic links beginning with your legs. (Try to see how it feels to swing with your arms without the legs powering them.)

Forward step

Each time you swing, you need to step forward. It lowers your center of gravity. If you are running backwards for a lob, run back one more step further than needed. Wait for the ball, and then step forward to hit it.

Wave motion

Taking the analogy with the whip, a swing is really all about managing the wave movement in the body. The key points are the legs, the pulling hips, square shoulders and the elbow.

After practicing these little tips, how would you know you are doing a master swing?

If you are hitting the ball very hard without forcing your arm muscles to do all the work, if you can hit a forehand and backhand splat shot without straining your arm muscles, and there is fluid movement in your body as you do your swing – then, you would know you have it.

Racquetball can be fun. Part of that is knowing and applying the science of it.


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Racquetball And Some Swinging Tips racquetball racquet resources image
Racquetball And Some Swinging Tips racquetball racquet image

Racquetball And Some Swinging Tips racquetball racquet resources image
Racquetball And Some Swinging Tips racquetball racquet image

Racquetball And Some Swinging Tips image