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Forex Autorobot

Earn Money with the Robot-> Day & Night - 24 h

You are sleeping, have a Party, Gardening, have a BBQ or on Shopping ? There is no Problem for you. The Robot is working and makes Money to your Account !


The Combination with the VPS-Virtuell-Server for instant Trading- Connection around the Clock ist important !



Notice: A Payment is only over Clickbank possible !

Own eMail Question & Answer

Forex Autorobot Insider Page

Important: Don´t use the Money of your Neighbor - only your own - because ist a little Rest-Risk

You can install the System on your Computer. But the PC must be Online for 5 Days (Monday to Friday) ! Without Energy, System Newstart, bad Connection or Crash you lost Money, because the Robot cannot work !

 For the 24 h Automatic Work, you need a Contract-Order with a Forex VPS- Server with special Security!

Stakeout 24 Hours Operator, extra Generator, air-conditioned, deep in subsoil

! Top Admin Test Predicate !

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