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How Editorial Services Work

Even with the advent of the Internet and other electronic communications devices, it is heart-warming to note that people still love to read books. In turn, the bunch of people who wants to write increased. So did too, the many editorial services companies around.

Book and magazine publishers still keep their editors. Unfortunately, these people are now doing mostly their executive duties rather than their original literary calling.

Enter the editorial services companies. The following question-and-answer forum presents a bird’s eye view on how editorial services fill the gaps that traditional editors had left.

Why are editors needed?

Writers tend to be too close to their work to be really objective to its shortcomings. The editor is the best judge of the manuscript’s needs. For writers and other clients, being specific helps much when seeking free-lance editor services.

What do editors exactly do?

Editors do their trade in various media. Many work with novels, short stories, poetry, biographies, history texts, scripts for the stage and films and more. The majority of editors edit non-fiction materials in the medical, bio-technical, technological, academic and marketing fields.

Who hires editors?

Many big companies and corporations hire editors. Government agencies, universities, banks, research laboratories, and many other entities actually need editors. They depend on editors for their public relations materials, annual reports, and research articles and other papers.

Computer companies and manufacturers need editors to take care of their technical manuals, as do hospitals and educational institutions that publish newsletters and others for the public.

Finally, newspapers and magazines, publishers and small presses hire editors, copyeditors, proofreaders and indexers to ensure their literary products are of impeccable quality.

How do freelance editors work?

Freelance editors can work for both small and large publishers, corporations, small business and individuals. They are flexible, adaptable, and available.

They work with self-publishing authors, researchers with papers to submit to journals, and students who need help with their dissertations and theses.

How are editing services charged?

For a reasonable fee, freelance editors will first evaluate a client’s manuscript. They will then agree on the level of editing required. Once settled, the editor can usually estimate the time necessary to finish the entire editing job after editing a small portion of the manuscript.

Some editors charge by the hour, some by the page and some negotiate a flat rate for the entire job. Some editors ask to be reimbursed for expenses such as mileage, postage and phone bills payments. There are also other additional fees like rush jobs.

What kind of relationship should a client and an editor have?

Before an editor begins work on the manuscript, the client and the editor should be clear in their working relationship. Upon request, the editor will work closely with the client at every stage of the editing process. Communications and discussions are as frequent as the need arises.

On the other hand, an editor may simply pick up the manuscript and reappear on the appointed date with the finished product.

Today, an editorial service is the way to go and have your manuscript cleaned up and become publishable. It is best to be acquainted with the work of these talented literary doctors.


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How Editorial Services Work  editing services resources image
How Editorial Services Work  editing services image

How Editorial Services Work  editing services resources image
How Editorial Services Work  editing services image

How Editorial Services Work  image