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Tips on Finding Homeopathy Specialist

What does a homeopath do? A homeopath is a medical practitioner trained to treat people through homeopathy. This practitioner asks patients a lot of questions about the symptoms, bowel movements, sleep patterns, and emotional condition. Then the homeopath uses the responses as a basis for prescribing a remedy that will heal a certain disease. Generally, homeopaths are trained for three to four years. Their trainings include case analysis that teaches them how to match remedies to particular symptoms. Most homeopathic doctors are MDs, NDs (doctor of naturopathic medicine), osteopathic physicians, and chiropractors.

Although it is easy to find information about homeopathic remedies on the Internet these days, finding a doctor that specializes in homeopathic treatments is quite difficult. It is because in countries like the United States, there are no standards for homeopaths. Also, only a few specialists actually practice homeopathic medicine despite having some formal training.

The following are some guidelines to help you when you choose a homeopathic physician:

• Look for a homeopathic practitioner with a degree in medicine, preferably with a certification from the Certified Classical Homeopath (CCH). It is best if the physician comes from one of the reputable schools that provide specialized trainings in homeopathic medicine such as National College of Natural Health Sciences (Portland, Oregon), International Foundation for Homeopathy (Seattle), Bastyr University (Seattle), and Hahnemann Medical Clinic (California).

• Check if a homeopathic doctor has a website that details his credentials and experience in homeopathic medicine, as well as show testimonials about the doctor’s performance.

• Ask for recommendations from family members, friends, and colleagues who have undergone successful homeopathic treatments.

• Be sure there are no pending complaints or lawsuits against the doctor.

* Contact the doctors you are considering to see which ones are qualified and well trained. Ask them about the following:

- The patients they have treated before and how they recovered with the help of homeopathic remedy
- The duration of homeopathy treatments
- The frequency of taking a dosage of the remedy
- Side effects of homeopathic remedy, if there’s any
- The cost of each session
- Insurance coverage of homeopathic treatment, if there’s any

• Your initial consultation with the homeopathic doctor must last for about 1 ˝ hours so that he can create a remedy plan for your condition or illness. If the consultation is too short, the homeopath may not be qualified enough to cure your condition.

• If your disease is chronic, the homeopathic physician must work in cooperation with your current doctor.

• The homeopath should not prevent you from continuing your current medication prescribed by your MD doctor because it can harm your health. Only the other doctor can tell you to stop taking the medication.

• When prescribing a medication, the homeopath must inform you about the medicine you will be taking. Some homeopaths do not do this, so once they leave, the patient is left with no choice when it comes to resuming the treatment.

Homeopathy can be your best solution in curing a disease; that is why choosing the right homeopath carefully is very important.


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Tips on Finding Homeopathy Specialist Homeopathy resources image
Tips on Finding Homeopathy Specialist Homeopathy image

Tips on Finding Homeopathy Specialist Homeopathy resources image
Tips on Finding Homeopathy Specialist Homeopathy image

Tips on Finding Homeopathy Specialist image