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Homeopathy And Weight Loss

Overweight and obesity are among the most common health problems in the United States. Approximately 300,000 Americans die each year because of weight-related problems and unhealthy eating habits. The numbers of Americans who are suffering from obesity are increasing. The problem is getting serious. How do Americans respond? American would spend $33 million every year on weight loss products and services. However, alternative medicine, particularly homeopathy, is offering methods on how to lose those pounds in a healthy and natural way.

Homeopathic remedies that would aid a person in shedding weight are not overnight remedies and magic pills. These remedies will help a person lose weight by improving a person’s digestion, metabolism and waste elimination. Here are some substances that could be taken to start your way to weight loss.

• Antimonium crudum. This could help you when you are always irritated because you cannot overeat. You could take about 7c every morning and afternoon for five days.

• Argentum nitricum would eliminate your craving for sweets. You could take about 9c twice a day for about a week.

• Calcarea carbonica would also help you control your appetite. You could take 6c amount, three times a day for about a week.

• Graphites would work pre-menopausal women who are having difficulties fighting off the excess bulge. Take about 9c once in the morning and in the afternoon for five days.

• Ignatia is medication you should take if you feel like eating whenever you are tensed or nervous. About 9c in the morning and afternoon, again for five days.

Homeopaths would often say that weight loss using these substances is quite effective. In fact, some would say that the results would show after 2 months of the consumption of the substances. But again, lifestyle and diet plan would still matter whatever weight loss program a person is taking.

Homeopaths work closely with nutritionists, there are times when homeopathic practitioners re already nutritionists. This would help patients a lot since homeopaths would be able to help in creating simple diet plans. If your doctor recommended a diet plan for you, FOLLOW it. If they would be recommending a exercise program, DO it. Most people would start exercising but still fails to lose weight. Because diet is not controlled. It could also be the other way around. In the end, diet and exercise go hand in hand to get better results.

Homeopathic practitioners would recommend weight loss patients to make changes in their lifestyles, like eating in a smaller place, turning off the television when eating, drinking lots of water to cleanse the body, eating green and leafy vegetables and fruits to increase fibres absorbed by the body.

There are about 189 medications for overweight and obesity problems. There are international studies showing that homeopathic treatments are very effective if weight reduction. The type of remedy that the patient would use would depend on the history and result of the evaluation of the patient. As a motivation, it is important to visualize that weight loss is not only about looking good and wearing clothes you cannot wear before, but it is also about keeping yourself healthy.


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Homeopathy And Weight Loss Homeopathy resources image
Homeopathy And Weight Loss Homeopathy image

Homeopathy And Weight Loss Homeopathy resources image
Homeopathy And Weight Loss Homeopathy image

Homeopathy And Weight Loss image